Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th

Hey Mom,
I did get the package from the ward and it was awesome tell everybody
in the ward thanks. I was thinking about writing a letter to the ward
that you could give to the bishop or someone and he could read it over
the pulpit. Do you think that would be a good idea or no? Dad doesn't
have a calling? Why don't they just call him as bishop already? Joke,
that was a joke.
I'm still in redding, the work has kinda slowed down here which is why
I'm hoping to be transferred this next upcoming transfer. I'm also
having a hard time getting along with my companion, but don't worry
,as far as he is concerned, we are best friends. It's a good thing I
brought another pair of dress shoes because the ones that I am wearing
right now are starting to fall apart from all the walking and biking.
I also found a spare bike I our garage that I am riding for the moment
so it's not like there is a rush on fixing mine like I said in the
last email, I couldn't activate my card for some reason. Congrats on
getting a job, finally putting that fancy ,high society education to
good use. That's all from me.

Elder Tomlinson
 P.S. Tell jake that if his phone was making alert noises for no
reason that I'm sorry and I was just bored so I used the Find IPhone
app to do that to him.

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