Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Letter to Jake

The mission is going good. The coolest thing I think has happen is
that I met an investigator through a member who at the time is home
less so I tell you his story real quick. The man's name is Jeff Kobe
but his sign from his time in the army is Yeti. Jeff was riding on a
motorcycle when the driver lost control and he went face first into a
pole. While in the hospital he went almost completely blind and the
doctors discovered that he had intestinal cancer. Unable to get a job
because all forms of ID were destroyed, he was forced into the
streets. He then heard a voice telling him that he needed to find the
people that would show him the truth. After much prayer and study, it
was later confirmed that we were those people he was told to find. A
member who we used to fellowship Jeff is now buying him a cabin to be
place next to his house to give him a place to stay and they have
worked tirelessly so Jeff could get 2 forms of ID so he could get a
job. While we were teaching him one day he looked at me and said "I
am so happy I found the gospel, if I hadn't I would have been just
another dead hobo that no one cared about". It was so amazing. The
food's alright some good some bad been able to go to in n out a lot.

Elder Tomlinson

January 26th Letter

Hey I told Dad and I'll tell you I sent Jake a awesome story that's
happened to me so ask him to tell you because I don't feel like typing
it again. Here are some photos after we ate a a place called Los
Gordos and when we went to play laser tag last P-day.

January 19th

Hey, the investigator we put on date name is Otis. He is a great guy and he is black. This p-day I was able to go the oasis fun center which a bishop owns so we got to play laser tag and race go karts. I finally got my bike. With the mount of biking we do everyday, my lower body is always sore. My mission president said he would call you back to get the info and then let me call the insurance company.  Things are going pretty good here. I think it finally hit me that I'm out on my mission. Tell Hannah I hope her baptism goes well. Tell everyone I'm sorry if I couldn't email them back since the wifi is being stupid right now. Talk to you later.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter from the Mission President

Dear Family of missionaries,

We are now just catching up with long needed emails from December.
This past few weeks have been so wonderful as we celebrated the Christmas season sharing the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity to participate in the “He is the Gift” Christmas Initiative by the church to let the world know of the birth of the Savior. In our mission alone we distributed over 36,000 pass-a-long cards and invited all we could to share in the greatest gift of the season. Many people were blessed by receiving this gift.

Our mission was incredibly blessed by having your missionary arrive in the mission.   They brought with them an energy and excitement to the work and to the missionaries serving here.   After prayerful consideration they were assigned to training missionaries and sent to their fields of labor here in Northern California.

We love them.

My responsibility is to teach, train, guide and love and protect them.  I promise to you that I will do my very best to accomplish this great assignment.  Our mission vision statement is to “Connect Others to Heaven” and we start with ourselves and are developing each day an inward power of prayer.

This new year will be one of progress and happiness and joy as we serve side-by-side as missionaries.

If you ever have any questions or thoughts or concerns about your missionary,  please feel free to call me. I may not answer the phone right then, but leave a voice message and I will return your call.

Again, we are so blessed to have your missionary. We love them, we pray for them, we serve along side with them, and we will treasure them.
Attached is are files with the arriving group of missionaries, and also a group picture with the new missionaries and their trainers.

You should receive emails from us so please confirm that we have the best email to send home details and updates from the California Roseville Mission

Best regards,
President Michael F. Marston
California Roseville Mission

January 5th

Me and my companion were able to pick up what seemed like some pretty golden investigators which is awesome but haven't got a chance to teach them yet. I'm really enjoying the area and have a hard time believing that the next ward will be as good let alone any better but you never know. It would be nice to be in a car area rather than a bike area because biking is tiring definitely when it is raining. Not much else to talk about. I've gotten a lot better at basketball because I play so much now but so the NBA better be ready for me when I get back. Crazy I have been gone for over a month.
Talk to ya later
Elder Tomlinson