Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27th

Things are going great here in Cali. I did get your package and it was awesome, the ties are pretty good ties. So I had all those fruit smiles and my companion had a bad cold that he caught from his last comp so he kept telling me that I was going to get it but I told him since I was eating all these fruit snacks with lots of vitamin C that my immune system wouldn't allow me to get such measly diseases as colds and I never caught it. As far as investigators go we have two on date for baptism that are really promising and then we a few more that aren't on date yet but will probably be soon. It's really exciting. I'm in a car area finally since we are covering two wards and I am also the designated driver so I live in constant fear of getting into an accident even if it's one that isn't my fault but it's nice to be driving and have a car. That's all the excitement that's around here I just got into this area so I don't know much about it.

Talk to ya later
Elder Tomlinson
Study Selfie. Shhh. He doesn't know.

Got my oreo fix.  Thanks fam.

Another shout out to my family for the awesome new basketball.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Being Transferred

No surprised that jake wore his red shorts as part of his scout uniform and you couldn't pay me enough to listen to the sounds Hannah was probably making when she broke her arm. I'm getting transferred! I'll be covering two areas, Antelope 1st and north-highlands 2nd so that will be exciting especially since I think I get a car now. My new comp is Elder Christensen. So I'll be in antelope which isn't far away from where I am now at all. It isn't like when I had to drive three hours from Redding to Roseville. This is like 30 minutes at max. I haven't gotten your birthday package yet but I think that with transfers coming up the mission office probably didn't want to send it to me and there be a chance of me not being where they send it.  Anywho, that's all that's going on with me.
Talk to ya later
Elder Tomlinson
More quotes from this week:
"Why don't we do blood sacrifices?"
"Well it's called the gospel."
-Elder Tomlinson(Roleplaying as an investigator)
-Elder Beard

"I can speak a little Chinese"
"He's Japanese, you racist mother Russia"
-Elder Beard
-Elder Tomlinson

"My name is Jesse James the outlaw"
"Well in our church we called each other brother and sister so can I call you Brother Jesse James the outlaw?"
-Elder Beard(pretending as an investigator)
-Elder Jensen

"Notice how the only the sisters answered taco breath"
"I answered taco breath, are you calling me a sister?"
"No, I-"
"You come into my house; try to change my gender, take away my identity and on this the day of my daughter's wedding!?"
-Elder Cevering
-Elder Tomlinson

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Birthday Week


So for the fourth we had dinner at one of our recent converts house with the guy who baptized him and his family so we had some giant burgers and lit some fireworks but the mission prez wanted us in by 7 which was lame. I am still waiting on the next transfer which is in two weeks. 😁
Yes it is my birthday this week which is pretty important. As far as request go just Oreos and fruit smiles(which btw Linda sent me some of them and I hadn't had any in such a long time and it was mana straight from heaven) some money would be nice. I don't have a basketball which is a problem because we ball every pday or just some ties and when you're picking out the ties just think "is this Riley?" And you'll be fine.
So the story with my comp and the golden investigators we had goes like this:
It was a less-active member and his nonmember wife so we were planning on having our fourth lesson with them on a Wednesday because that is we he texted us was good for him so my companion told the. That he would have to call our dinner first so we could see what time we would be available so obviously they took it as dinner was more important than them. Needless to say, I handle everything on the phone from now on. 

We have a few investigators but none of them have really any promise. The work in this area is so slow.😩😩

I don't remember what we did exactly, I want to say we did double it and make four 8x8 but it's been over a year ago so...

Also I started a quote book as a joke. Here it is so far.

Quote Book:

"I have convincing evidence that I am immortal....I haven't died yet"
- Elder Tomlinson

"We're in the Pacific Ocean!!!!!"
-Crazy Guy at Panda Express
"He has a point, I mean we are in the Pacific Ocean."
-Elder Kokkola

"And I'll never forget what it said...dang it I think I forgot it"
- Elder Coutu

"Have you no shame?"
-Elder Stephenson

"It's like you got Autism and start speaking"
-Elder Herrador

"I've been in prison so I know what it's like to be, not
like that!
- Brother McClung

*McClurg laugh*
- Elder McClurg

"Y'all need quezacoatl"
- Elder Tomlinson

"Willis is like 30% gay and Wilding is like 70%"
"What if you put them together?"
"They were definitely 100% gay together"
-Elder Beard
-Elder Kelly
-Elder Tomlinson

"We really need to get this done"
"What if, and just give me time to explain this all, okay, just okay, hear me out here, okay, just, okay, we do it... tomorrow?"
-Elder McClurg 
-Elder Tomlinson
"I'm so full!"
"But we just made this dessert"
"...go on"
-Elder Tomlinson
-Every member ever

"That's not the best idea and that's not me saying that"
"Really? Because you just said it"
-Elder McClurg 
-Elder Tomlinson

"Put some makeup on because your face sucks"
-Sister Rexlinger 

Talk to ya later
Elder Tomlinson