Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Hey things are going good here. I wasn't able to reply son Monday due
to the fact that a seventy is going on a mission tour in our mission
and so our p-day was changed to today. The work is going alright, I
think I have finally started to get the members to understand that our
baptisms come from their referrals. We had a referral but my comp and
them had a misunderstanding so now my mission president is teaching
them. I'm in the Roseville 1st ward. Right now with my companion, I'm
honestly having a hard time with him. I think the Lord is trying to
help me grow patience because this is the 3rd transfer I have had a
companion I couldn't stand. My patience has definitely grown because I
am just surprised I haven't yelled at him yet. Love the pictures.

Elder Tomlinson

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lots of Pictures

You want pictures? Well your in luck because last pday we had a
professional take a bunch of pics around downtown Roseville. They are
a lot of pictures so it might take a couple of emails to send them to
you. How is everyone in Houston doing because I hear that it flooded
quite a bit down there. Things are still going good here. Transfers
came but I am in the same place with the same comp so nothing changed
for me. Got a birthday in a month which is exciting. I'm hoping that I
get to train next transfer because we have 15 new missionaries coming
in and I am at the point where president has people train. I am really
excited to train, I don't care about making district leader or zone
leader I just want to train, mostly because my line of trading goes
all the way back to 2002 which is further than most so I need to keep
up the legacy anyways I'll get those pictures to you asap so you can
go ahead and do your scrapbook.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Balut Eating

Hey how's it going over there for you guys? Things haven't changed
much since I last emailed you guys. One of the families in another
ward was getting baptized and they fed us balut. Balut is a Filipino
delicacy, but it is basically a duck fetus so that was interesting
eating that I have a video of it which I will add to the email.
 I really don't know what else to talk about so I guess
I will talk to you later. Here's the video.