Monday, June 8, 2015

Lots of Pictures

You want pictures? Well your in luck because last pday we had a
professional take a bunch of pics around downtown Roseville. They are
a lot of pictures so it might take a couple of emails to send them to
you. How is everyone in Houston doing because I hear that it flooded
quite a bit down there. Things are still going good here. Transfers
came but I am in the same place with the same comp so nothing changed
for me. Got a birthday in a month which is exciting. I'm hoping that I
get to train next transfer because we have 15 new missionaries coming
in and I am at the point where president has people train. I am really
excited to train, I don't care about making district leader or zone
leader I just want to train, mostly because my line of trading goes
all the way back to 2002 which is further than most so I need to keep
up the legacy anyways I'll get those pictures to you asap so you can
go ahead and do your scrapbook.

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