Monday, July 20, 2015

Being Transferred

No surprised that jake wore his red shorts as part of his scout uniform and you couldn't pay me enough to listen to the sounds Hannah was probably making when she broke her arm. I'm getting transferred! I'll be covering two areas, Antelope 1st and north-highlands 2nd so that will be exciting especially since I think I get a car now. My new comp is Elder Christensen. So I'll be in antelope which isn't far away from where I am now at all. It isn't like when I had to drive three hours from Redding to Roseville. This is like 30 minutes at max. I haven't gotten your birthday package yet but I think that with transfers coming up the mission office probably didn't want to send it to me and there be a chance of me not being where they send it.  Anywho, that's all that's going on with me.
Talk to ya later
Elder Tomlinson
More quotes from this week:
"Why don't we do blood sacrifices?"
"Well it's called the gospel."
-Elder Tomlinson(Roleplaying as an investigator)
-Elder Beard

"I can speak a little Chinese"
"He's Japanese, you racist mother Russia"
-Elder Beard
-Elder Tomlinson

"My name is Jesse James the outlaw"
"Well in our church we called each other brother and sister so can I call you Brother Jesse James the outlaw?"
-Elder Beard(pretending as an investigator)
-Elder Jensen

"Notice how the only the sisters answered taco breath"
"I answered taco breath, are you calling me a sister?"
"No, I-"
"You come into my house; try to change my gender, take away my identity and on this the day of my daughter's wedding!?"
-Elder Cevering
-Elder Tomlinson

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