Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27th

Things are going great here in Cali. I did get your package and it was awesome, the ties are pretty good ties. So I had all those fruit smiles and my companion had a bad cold that he caught from his last comp so he kept telling me that I was going to get it but I told him since I was eating all these fruit snacks with lots of vitamin C that my immune system wouldn't allow me to get such measly diseases as colds and I never caught it. As far as investigators go we have two on date for baptism that are really promising and then we a few more that aren't on date yet but will probably be soon. It's really exciting. I'm in a car area finally since we are covering two wards and I am also the designated driver so I live in constant fear of getting into an accident even if it's one that isn't my fault but it's nice to be driving and have a car. That's all the excitement that's around here I just got into this area so I don't know much about it.

Talk to ya later
Elder Tomlinson
Study Selfie. Shhh. He doesn't know.

Got my oreo fix.  Thanks fam.

Another shout out to my family for the awesome new basketball.

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