Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter to Dad

Things are going great here, the work keeps moving along and people are stubborn as always. I feel like the hardest struggle while working out in this area is that people don't want to change their lives. It's easier for them to believe that if they just acknowledge Christ then they are "saved". So even when I teach people it's hard to get them to keep commitments. We have a couple of internigators(meaning instead of investigating,they know all they need to and have a testimony of it but for whatever reason aren't baptized). We also have a lot of drug use in this area. The other day we were eating at Panda Express and some crazy guy was yelling at an imaginary person and yelled out "We're in the Pacific Ocean!" And my companion, Elder Kokkola said jokingly(or at least I hope) "I mean he has a point, we are in the Pacific Ocean". I don't know if that guy was tweaking or just mental but either way it was weird. So redding can be an interesting place. Talk to ya later

Elder Tomlinson

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