Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23rd


   Things in redding are still moving along. Transfers were last
Tuesday so I got my new companion and his name is Elder Willis and he
is a good guy. I've had to take over the area which means that I
decide where we go and who we visit which I don't think I like too
much but I'll probably be transferred out of redding in 4 weeks since
this is a short transfer so I won't be in charge for too long. Also I
tried activating the card that you sent me and I couldn't activate it
which is incredibly weird. It keep telling me that the security code
was invalid so I don't know what is going on there. How is everybody
doing? I still haven't gotten my Christmas present from Brooke. Still
upset about it. For breakfast, I've started eating toaster strudels
and I started making art with the icing, mostly faces. I must say I'm
getting pretty good at it.

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