Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29

Things haven't change much since we talked on Skype and it still is
going pretty good here in Redding. I'm kinda getting tired of being a
greenie. The rest of Christmas was a little weird. We went to a
member's house for dinner but they had all of their family there so it
was a lot of people. We got a lot of gifts from people I hardly know.
They had us play a card game called Play Nine which I won at and they
accused us of having played the game before. We shot off plastic
rockets and I accidentally hit a car luckily no damage was done.
Something cool that happened the other day was we didn't have a dinner
for that night and we were meeting the zone leaders and then an old
lady calls us over and says she is the grandma of the missionaries and
when she found out we didn't have dinner she gave us money to buy
dinner. It was either a huge coincidence or a blessing, that was
pretty much how my week went. Remember ties, sunglasses, and cookie
And here are a few pictures pick your favorite.

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