Monday, December 22, 2014

Assigned to Redding

Hey mom,
I have been assigned to the redding second ward area which is the northern part of the mission. My bike is still being put together so I'm using another bike right now. My companion is Elder Kokkola and he is a great guy. I'm the first person he's been trained before. My ward is full of awesome people and we had an investigator baptized last Saturday and have two more that have commited to be baptized. California rains a lot. Which is good because the people are in a drought but bad because I am in a biking area and so I get really wet. The Christmas call I'll be able to do over Skype with my iPad. I will probably be calling around 1 California time so 3 Missouri time. After spending time in the mission I wish that I had brought my other ties because the mission president is pretty chill about that kind of stuff. He is like having a third grandpa which is funny because his wife, Sister Marston, is all business meanwhile he will give you a hug every time he sees you. That's great that you graduated from college, now get a job, lazy bum. Tell everybody to friend me on Facebook. I have the chilliest/most spiritual account ever to exist. I'll talk to you on Christmas.

Elder Tomlinson

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