Monday, October 5, 2015

Service Project

I did have a good pday. The baptism was amazing and I really enjoyed
being a part of it.

As my ward mission leader, who is way too old to be using these kind
of word so, said general conference was Awesome. In all caps just like
that. My favorite talk was probably the one Elder Utchdorf(if that's
how you spell it) talk during priesthood session. I don't know if you
saw that one or not. I recently watched a talk by Brad Wilcox called
His Grace is Sufficient. I don't know if you have seen it already but
if not it is a really good talk and I would highly recommend it.

Isn't there a saying that a dog takes after it's master? Just kidding.
You can't blame Carly, the last dog she was around was Scout and he
died so....

Nothing has really changed in the mission field, transfers are next
week so idk what will be happening there. 

 Here are some photos of me at a
service project this last week. I don't know why one of them is in
black and white, my companion is kinda a photography geek. Talk to ya

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