Monday, September 21, 2015


Yes, the baptism went really well and I did the confirmation, I was really nervous so I'm not sure how I did as far as that goes. Blake is probably the best investigator I have had so far he never faltered when we were teaching him and he is probably the only person I've baptized where it's not even a concern if he won't stay active. he is on fire. I attached some pictures of us at the baptism. That's awesome that Jake's team is winning so much. Too bad he doesn't get to play very often. You'll have to send me a picture of the dog Devon got just because i miss having a dog. I'm always at a person's house and they dog come up to me and they are like "sorry, 'll get him off you" and I say "no, please let them stay" so it's funny. nothing much else is going on here. talk to ya later.
Elder Tomlinson

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